License Fayde Golf Shop Apparel

FAYDE apparel is an authentic golf lifestyle clothing brand, and golf shop online for both men and ladies, born and bred in Australia.

FAYDE is actively seeking experienced and highly motivated Distributors or Licensees for the next stage of its international expansion.

A potential International Distributor or Licensee must be able to satisfy at least the following criteria:-

  • Intimate knowledge of your local golf market and industry
  • Existing strong and close relationships with golf retailers both on golf course and in authentic off course golf stores
  • Experience in sales and marketing (in apparel preferred)
  • Ability to create a team of successful individuals from the fields of marketing and sales, and Athletes in your region or country
  • Proven ability to fund the long term development and growth of FAYDE within your region or country

FAYDE headquarters is located on the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia. FAYDE has the knowledge and existing infrastructure to provide and assist in design, development, marketing and sourcing of product.

The FAYDE team has over 25 years experience in the global apparel industry. FAYDE has the ability to deliver apparel and other merchandise to almost any region or country, either direct from the manufacturing source, or through its International Distribution Centre.

FAYDE creates 3 ranges a year in both Men’s and Ladies Apparel and accessories. These ranges will be available to our International Distributors and Licensees. We all live in a global community, and it is the belief of FAYDE that its products will be successful in all regions and countries.

However, FAYDE does retain the flexibility to also promote local driven and targetted product.  Our design team will work closely with FAYDE Distributors and Licensees to ensure the constant development and evolution of its products for all markets.

FAYDE already has a growing stable of golf professionals and athletes committed to wearing FAYDE  playing on the Australian and International tours.

FAYDE is interested in hearing of opportunities that exist within other regions or countries.  FAYDE will only be bound in any manner to deal with a potential Distributor or Licensee upon the signing of formal legal documents by both parties to that effect.

FAYDE can be contacted directly by e-mail on